Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Ways to Make Money Online 2016

Most of our time today are spent glued to the screen of our mobile phones and laptops. Fact is that the internet is a beautiful world we are all happy to live in. Here in Nigeria we pay for mobile data to access the internet. Then the question is; what do you do with your Internet presence?

I know you must have come across blogs offering to show you "easy" ways to earn extra income online, of which you were left disappointed at the end of the day or scammed. Truth is, making money online is Very Possible but not Very Easy. Like every other job, online jobs require hardwork and most importantly patience.

In this post I am going to show you ways to make money online, from anywhere.

At this juncture I would love to say that most of this methods I will reveal shortly, have been tried by me and are legitimate. 

#1- Online Sports Betting

This does not need introduction anymore. Online sports betting is now a traditional way sports-lovers earn extra income online. You can bet on, agaisnt or lay odds with as low $1 or #100 (for Nigerian bookmakers) and win as much as possible. Earning is determined by odds. Odds varry with different bookmakers' systems. 

Online sports betting bookmakers include Bet365, betway, Merrybet,,, Surebet247 and 1960bets.

#2- Create and Sell e-Books and Information Products.

This a very lucrative way to make money online. Do you have a skill? There must be somrthing you are passionate about. What is your strength? Go ahead and put it into writing, create an e-book then sell it online.

What's an E-book?

Like the name "E-book", it is an electronic book, a digital book that is read on digital devices as your mobile phones, tablets and laptops. They come in PDF (portable document format)  or Epub (Electronic Publication) formats.

How to Create One?

There are two answers to this;

1. You can higher a professional to create one for you at a cheaper rate.

2. You can create one yourself to save cost. Although it may appear difficult but its worth your effort.

In my next post, I will teach you how to create and sell your E-books.

Where to Sell Your E-Book?

1. Websites such as (Amazon kindle books), Payhip, Selz, Fiverr and Clickbank offer publishers free tools to publish and sell their books at a fixed commission. 

2. If you have a blog or website, you can simply use them as media to sell your e-book. This is even better as it eliminates middlemen and increases your revenue. 

Please make sure your e-book is genuine. By that, I mean the content of the e-book should be as described. For example, if you write an E-book on 5 Ways to grow a beared, then the e-book should contain working tips that could bring desired result.

E-books are one of the best selling digital product in online stores such as Clickbank and Amazon. It is a sure way to earn money online.

#3-  Selling Products on Online Stores

Since the concept of online auctioning was introduced, online stores have been on a steady increase. Online stores allows you to sell products online. You can own an online store to sell your product or become an associate seller on other online stores. Online market places that run associate programs include Amazon, Etsy, Craiglist, Jumia, Konga, and Kaymu. You can also sell off old stuffs on websites like EbayOlx and Jiji.

This is an easy way to make money as the number of people willing to buy online increases by the day.

#4- Create a Website Or Blog

This is one way to make money that leaves most people confused. With Websites and Blogs you can earn so much bucks from the internet as long as you have a healthy traffic. But, your website or blog must have a unique content to grow your audience. Build a website on a niche that suits your interest and not on Trends. 

What is a Niche?

I will explain with examples; is a social network. is a sports website is a celebrity/entertainment news website.

Before you build your money spinning website, be sure to choose a niche that you are interested in and not what is in vogue.

Starting a website or a blog is very easy and cost-free if you do it yourself.

How Do I make Money with Websites?

There are streams of ways to grow your income with a website but I will summarize them in these two ways;

1. By publishing adverts - when your blog or website must have grown i.e you have more people visiting your site, then you can start publishing ads.

You can sign up with ad networks like Google Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika, Bidvester,, AdBlade and many more, that pay to place ads on your blogs or websites. 

You can as well sell off spaces on your blog to advertisers, which is a better option since you will have a direct deal.

2. By offering services or selling products - you can build a website or blog specifically to market your product or service online.

#5- Freelancing

This is the fun in making money online. Anyone can be a freelancer as long as you have a service to offer. Freelancing is often regarded as  "Sit-at-home jobs" because you can work from anywhere. You can combine it with a full time job or become a full-time freelancer. 

In freelancing you get paid to take surveys, design logos, test products, write reviews, search the web, write articles, type, design a web, comment on posts, research, just about anything. 

Although freelancing may seem a difficult task to newbies due to the competition, but if you know your way around, it could be highly rewarding. To succeed as a freelancer, you should focus on building your resume and portfolio for employers to notice and eventually hire you. 

Here are some freelancing sites to get you started;,, Swagbucks,, Inbox dollar, Project pay day.

Websites like pay you to search the web. Toluna, Vivatic and onepoll pay for online surveys.

#6- Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing have been around for quite some time and has been very rewarding. With affiliate marketing, you get paid for promoting products, services and offers online through a social media, blog or web page. It is crucial to state here that, you need no special skill or tool to be an affiliate marketer.

How it Works?

1. Sign up for an affiliate program. There are a million and more affiliates you can join depending on your niche. Typical affiliate programs are those of Amazon, Freelancer, Affiliate window, Jumia, Konga, Kaymu and among others.

2. A promotional link or banner will be given to you for a specific product. You will be paid certain percentage of sale as commission, if someone makes purchase through the unique link or banner.

Yes it's that simple. 

In my subsequent posts on Affiliate marketing I will make a full list of high-paying affiliate programs you can join. It won't make you rich, but you will make extra cash.

#7- Youtube 

Recently, according to stats, there are more videos watched on youtube than searches on google. Youtube allows you to post videos online for free. You can monetize your youtube channel with google adsense and earn more as video virality and suscribers increase.

Do check back for subsequent posts on this topic.

Now there are so many ways to earn online, but these are the feasible and easy ways to enrich your pocket. Remember hardwork and patience is required if you must make it online. If any of these tip interests you, be sure to try them out and learn more.

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